Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23 Blue Surface

Arielle Adkin has Blue Print Series, using an archaic soft printing process, blue, on paper. One of the earliest photographic processes, invented in 1842, it was the method for reproducing architectural blueprints before pen and inkjet plotters. Also called cyanotype, it has a long history in the photographic world. At Stumptown 128 SW 3rd. 4PM-6 Free

Pure Surface is a performance series combining spoken word reading, movement performance and video. Performers tonight are Kaia Sand, text; Catherine Egan, movement; and Hanna Piper Burns, film.
Pure Surface at Valentines 232 SW Ankeny. Doors 6:00PM, performance 7 sharp Free

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 22 Bouy

FRONT is a broadsheet about contemporary dance and ideas, primarily written by dancers themselves. Today they launch their latest edition ED4:BUOY! So despite that they, to our chagrin, hew to all caps text design tactic, we recommend the event as a creative meetup, and a chance to get a copy or distribute them to your interested friends. It's free. FRONT distribution at Ristretto Roasters LoBu 555 NE Couch. 4PM-7 Free

November 21 Awaken Last Summer Sitings

Holocene has always been entwined with Portland visual and performing artists.

Tonight they host a PNCA happy hour with performances and video by PNCA staff members: Weird Fiction, Dizzynest, Fasters, a Power Girls zine reading from Kinoko Evans and video by Jason Williams, Linden How, Jodie Cavalier and Linda Kliewer. Some of these are in the PNCA staff show Last Call at the school. At Holocene 1001 SE Morrison 5PM Free

Fourteen30 Contemporary has All Summer in a Day, a group show by Matt Connors, Kristan Kennedy, Owen Kydd, Diane Simpson and Erika Verzutti. At Portland's only member of the New Art Dealers Alliance, Fourteen30 Gallery 1501 SW Market Street Map 11AM-6PM Weekends, tonight 6PM-8 Free

Nationale opens When We Dead Awaken by PNCA MFA painting grad Elizabeth Malaska. The work expresses the artist's critique of gender sociopolitics in the art world and generalized social apathy using surrealist tactics. At Nationale 3360 SE Division Map 6PM-8 Free

Disjecta opens video works Sightings by Kevin Cooley and Jessica Mallios. Cooley has Skyward, an up shot from a convertible car which is projected on the ceiling above the audience and A Thousand Miles an Hour involving synchronized sun and moon images. Mallios has Rhombus and Tower of the Americas. This is the second show by the new curator involving video, a welcome trend. At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map 6PM-10 Free 6PM-10 Free

November 20 Thanksgiving Before Black Friday

Thanksgiving. It has resisted commercialization with a focus on family.

The first peoples of the Northwest had a similar tradition. Potlatch.

People gathered with their surplus or lack and made gifts to one another over a feast.

The Museum has a nine foot long Kwakwaka'wakw Indian Dzunk'wa Feast Dish, used in potlatches. Artist Blair Saxon-Hill has chosen this piece from all of the collection as the focus of this month's Thursday artist talk and happy hour.

Blair Saxon-Hill speaks at the Art Museum happy hour At the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park
6PM $5 members or regular museum admission

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19 MSHR Potatoes

S1 multiplexes between a visual arts venue, a video/media art venue and a music venue. Tonight they cover all three. Hairy Food, Jessie Mejia and MSHR perform. And it's underground. At S1, formerly Multiplex, 4148 NE Hancock Map 9PM $5-7

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 15 Flood Information Space

Portland is a river town. That is why we are here. But water is a powerful force.

Once upon a time, Portland, in a state which has a history unkind to African Americans, had a neighborhood, Vanport. It was in North Portland by now Delta Park. African Americans moved to Portland to work in the Swan Island shipyards for WWII. Inexpensive apartments for many were made in Vanport. But Vanport was known to be in a flood area. On May 30, 1948, the levies were overcome and the homes of many destroyed. Here is a short documentary.

This afternoon some of the first person survivors relate their experiences for the Vanport Multimedia Project. New videos gathering their experiences will be shown. More information is at

Recommended for real Portland history we can learn from in our actions of the moment.

Vanport Multimedia Project at the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, 3138 N. Vancouver 2PM Free

Portland is a paper publishing town. In that spirit, YU presents a talk by James Hoff on his project Primary Information which prints artists works, current and past. At Yu Contemporary Art 900 SE 10th 5PM

This evening is also opening for the remaining Pioneer Place Mall galleries. The Mark Woolley Gallery has Carola Penn and Diane Avo-Augee. At the Mark Woolley Gallery a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. If the mall appears closed, enter the film theater building adjacent, travel through the tunnel to the Place mall, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, sometimes the bridge on the 3rd floor is open too. 700 SW Fifth 5PM-9 Free

Art is all around us. It is a niche of everyday experience with its own semiotics. But to see it in person with others seeking coreaction requires space. Space as in rent, heat, staff. So yearly one space, Disjecta, mounts an art auction. It's an opportunity to see a cross section of local art, artists, and those passionate about art. This year's participating artists may be seen on the Disjecta website.

The Disjecta art auction at Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map 7PM-10 $25 advance $30 door

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 14 Grow Canaries

Recent L&C graduate Tony Chrenka brings his installations to S1 tonight. Inspired by social commentary, sustainable architecture and constructed identity he has built Slow Grow. The S1 art events are always recommended. At S1, formerly Multiplex, 4148 NE Hancock Map 6PM-9 Free

You can learn a lot about an artist-their art from a studio visit. It's a rare thing.

Artists can be the canaries in the coal mines. Sometimes they are inspired by the rivulets of culture before they coalesce into the great flood. So looking into what's going on in art school is a way of hearing some birdsongs of those canaries.

Tonight, PNCA MFA artists Amory Abbott, Sean Barnes, Rachel Brown-Smith, Rebecca Carlisle, Maggie Condit, Maria Davidoff, Liz Fuller, Alex Godbold, Anastasia Greer, Lucas Haley, Tessa Heck, Evan Isoline, Candace Jahn, Aaron Johnson, Marisa Lee, Kelly McGovern, Jung Min, Bertrand Morin, Annie Oldenburg, Nicholas Patton, Katie Piatt, Veronica Reeves, Caitlin Rooney, BriAnna Rosen, Dylan Schietinger, Micah Schmelzer, Tait Simonson, Lauren Stumpf, Jason Berlin Thomas and Nikki Vene open their studio warren to see work in progress, completed works and to chat.

Recommended. At the PNCA visual studies studios 1830 NW 19th 6PM-9 Free

Saturday, November 08, 2014

November 9 Heart of Darkness

Richard Mosse speaks today of his experience filming war in Congo.

We see with our eyes. But there are other "colors" beyond our vision. We call those ultraviolet, for light with shorter waves beyond violet, and infrared for long waves beyond red.

Mosse found an archaic infrared movie film stock made in WWII which was tuned in "color" to separate camouflaged military from plant life. The film prints the infrared reflected by natural plants as pink.

With a team of fixers, Mosse took his camera into Eastern Congo. The area is filled with warlords, remnants of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Today they continue their dirty little war by mining minerals, like tantalum, an essential ingredient in every electronic device made today. It is smuggled to China where it sells for $400 a pound.

His resulting video work, The Enclave, has just opened at the Portland Art Museum. The work comes from the 2014 Venice Biennale.

Many people are critical of Conrad's Heart of Darkness. But they miss that it is a meditation on the experience of the narrator, and not a judgement on a continent. I've been in North Kivu, in a time of considerably less risk, though we drove by vast refugee camps and heard gunfire nearby.

Nonetheless, the 20 year war in Eastern Congo, with more than 6 million perished, is reprehensible.

The war has also decimated the endangered mountain gorilla, a sustainable source of ecotourism.

Richard Mosse speaks at the Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park 2PM Members, free; otherwise regular admission - so you can see the show - seniors $12, else $15

November 8 Let's Get Conceptual

Late career British conceptual artist Terry Atkinson, cofounder of Art&Language opens a show recreating an earlier work using grease as the art medium. The YU website has a more detailed explanation. The artist speaks at YU on Sunday at 2PM. At Yu Contemporary Art 900 SE 10th 3PM-4

Friday, November 07, 2014

November 7 Eastside Art Openings+

Laura Hughes opens The Lines Along Which Anything Lies at the PSU Littman Gallery. Hughes is one of Portland's few light artists. The work is based on dichroic interference films which reflect color selectively based on the angle of reflection. There will also be an artist talk in the gallery November 21 at 6:30PM. At the PSU Littman Gallery in Smith Union. Littman Gallery, PSU Smith Hall, Room 250, 1825 SW Broadway 5PM-8 Free

The PSU Autzen Gallery has This is a This, returning MFA Studio Practice graduates. They are: Jea Alford, Chris Freeman, Katie Holden, Manny Layers and Pam Minty. At PSU Autzen Gallery, Neuberger Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 205, 724 SW Harrison 5PM-8 Free

Red Cloud Collective has a show of neon, Let’s Be Light, by Julia Calabrese, Derek Joyns, Adam Zeek, Daniel Long, David Wien and Perry Pfister
1454 NE Prescott 7PM-10

Worksound continues last month's show in their new compact space with a low key opening. At Worksound 820 SE Alder Map 6PM-10

Black Box has Color Space, a group show of color photography. At Black Box Gallery 811 E Burnside, Suite 212 upstairs 5PM-8 Free

Katherine Bradford and Sarah Gamble have dreamy paintings. Themes include electromagnetic fields, floating and flying. At Adams and Ollman Gallery 811 E Burnside #213 6PM-9 Free