Friday, July 03, 2015

July 3 Eastside Art Openings

Holidays, heat and the dog days can disrupt else-wise normal art schedules. Lower expectations.

The Portland Museum of Modern Art opens a new show tonight, Idea of A Door, by Astoria musician Liz Harris. Performance by Cat Mummies at the Louvre. At the Portland Museum of Modern Art inside Mississippi Records 5202 N Albina Map 8PM-10 Free

HQHQ has a boredom-themed show by Don Edler from LA. They have a grill for BBQ, bring stuff to grill. At HQHQ Project Space 232 SE Oak St #108 6PM-9 Free

Blackbox has a monochrome show, Grayscale. At Black Box Gallery 811 E Burnside, Suite 212 upstairs 5PM-8 Free

Thursday, July 02, 2015

July 2 Westside Art Openings

Several galleries continue shows from a previous month or have adopted different schedules than the beginning of the month to change shows.

Whitney Nye has a new series of large paintings with repeating components. Fine meditation material. From Seattle, Francis Celentano brings geometric op art paintings. At Laura Russo Gallery 805 NW 21st 5PM-8

Promising Waters is a series of photographs made by Mila Teshaieva in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan between 2010 and 2013. They are former Soviet republics sharing the Caspian Sea as a border. Iran and Russia complete the Caspian borderlands. The Promising Waters countries have prospered from oil and natural gas underlying the Caspian.

The Void and the Country by Paris Petridis are photographs made in Egypt in 2011.

At Blue Sky Gallery map 122 NW 8th 6PM-9 Free

Christine Clark fills the Nine Gallery with hand formed chain suspended from the ceiling. At the Nine Gallery inside Blue Sky 122 NW 8th

Duplex has Habitat: A Video Mandala. The artist, Kello Goeller, performed rhythm-synched movement with others on Oregon lands, beach and in forest. She captured camp fire, river and waterfall flows. Those are woven in layers through hand painted masks into a 20,000x20,000 pixel composite as a mirrored symmetrical mandala, projected as motion video. Adjacent projections are pan and scan samples of the main composite in standard resolution. The projections tonight are accompanied by collaborator Biddy Thomas, completing the soundtrack to be presented ongoing with the piece. At Duplex Collective 219 NW Couch 6PM-9

PDX Contemporary Art has a Summer group show 925 NW Flanders Map early close 8PM Free

Hellion has comic-style illustration by Julie Filipenko from Tel Aviv. At Hellion Gallery through the lobby of the arched brick entry, up the stairs and to the back. Very upper floor Japan-style. 19 NW 5th second floor. Map 7PM-10 Free

Everett Lofts are recommended as always. It's easier for you to see them all than for me to write suggestions. Some close as early as 9PM. At the Everett Lofts 625 NW Everett. Bounded by NW Everett, Broadway, Flanders and 6th Map closing ranges from 9PM-10:30ish

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 30 Let's Get Theremined

Leon Theremin invented the first electronic musical instrument in 1919. It's named after him. It used the principle of heterodyne down conversion, invented only a year before. Heterodyne conversion is used in every radio in the solar system today, and in the fastest parts of the Internet. Yes, there are several heterodyne converters working right now in your mobile phone.

You have heard the theremin, it's a continuously variable tone common in scifi soundtracks, and occasionally even pop. It's pretty easy to play,

Rob Schwimmer, co-director of The NY Theremin Society, visits Portland for a free short performance and demonstration tonight. And after you can try your hand at the instrument. If you can't make it tonight, Control Voltage has theremins you can stop by anytime to audition.

Theremin demonstration at Control Voltage 3742 NE Mississippi. All ages. 7PM-8 Free

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 29 Environmental Impact

Environmental impact statements are a tool of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1972. The law was conceived by conservative Washington State Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson. It passed the Senate on unanimous vote, the House by 372-15 and was signed by Republican president Richard Nixon. The law has been emulated in other countries. But many of our current elected leaders have unfortunately gone astray in their environmental thinking, under the influence of pecunious and rapacious corporate interests.

Environmental Impact Statement is also Lisa Schonberg, Amy Harwood and Leif J Lee. They work to bring artists into local forests, threatened to be logged, as an inspiration for their work. They are the curators of a show opening tonight of artists who have participated. It runs for 3 weeks.

Artists include Jodie Cavalier, Jodi Darby, Lisa Schonberg, Heather Treadway, Amy Wheeler Harwood, Leif J. Lee, Alison Jane Clarys, Danielle Ross, Sidony O'neal and Gary Wiseman.

At Surplus Space 3726 NE 7th 6PM-10 Free

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 26-27 q u i e t

The Quiet Music Festival is a special favorite. It is an intimate event with musicians who are not too loud. The audience lounges on an occasional carpet-, blanket- and pillow-covered floor, lit by scattered table lamps.


It's organized for the fifth year by Portland-LA artist-musician-skater Chris Johanson.

Friday has the Secret Drum Band, Sonny Smith, Timmy Straw, Irma Vep and Linda Hagood Conditioner; Saturday, Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Amenta Abioto, Peacers, Rebecca Gates, IIyas Ahmed and Johanson's Sun Foot.

There is a very small amount of seating for those who need that. And if you are in Seattle, there is a little Quiet version Thursday.

Tickets at Advanced tickets are recommended.

At Disjecta, in the shadow of Paul Bunyan 8371 N. Interstate Map Doors 7PM, show 8. Advance one night $10/$16 both. Door $12 one night/$18 both.

June 26 Gravity Be Gone

Gravity is a beauty and a curse. To float weightlessly, who wouldn't wish? To fly? I'm in. Aerial dance is a realization of that human desire.

A-WOL dance is one of several aerial dance companies and teachers. Tonight they have a free performance of dancers suspended by trapeze and fabric.

A-WOL aerial dance At Director Park corner SW Taylor and SW Park. 7PM show and 8PM show Free

June 25 Reading Words

Lit Hop is a night of many short readings an evening in walking distance. This year it is in Chinatown and SW Portland across Burnside. Details 7PM-9 Free

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21 Books at the Movies

Local artist filmmakers are partnering with Publication Studio tonight. It is not exactly clear what they are doing, so just read the description on the Hollywood Theater website. At the Hollywood Theater 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard. 7PM $5

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20 Bright Aboriginal Seed

The aboriginal people of Australia have been there since 50,000BC ±10,000 years. They developed a rich land-based philosophy. The earliest surviving aboriginal art is 30,000 years ago. From that time there is an unbroken tradition. In the 1970s, the work started to become known by the Western art world. The Australian aboriginal culture came into my view with Herzog's Where the Green Ants Dream and Bruce Chatwin's The Songlines. There have been rare exhibitions of Australian aboriginal art in Portland.

No Boundaries is a show of Australian artists Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri (1958-), Paddy Bedford (1922–2007), Jananggoo Butcher Cherel (1918–2009), Tommy Mitchell (1943–2013), Ngarra (1920–2008), Prince of Wales, Midpul (1938–2002), Billy Joongoora Thomas (1920–2012), Boxer Milner Tjampitjin (1935–2009),and Tjumpo Tjapanangka (1929–2007). The works were gathered by a sole collector couple from Miami and trace years of each artist's painting.

This is the art price machine at work; we are waiting for the US to adopt a droit de suite law to allow artists to benefit.

If you would like to know more about the artists, there is a hardbound catalog available at book outlets and a monograph on

No Boundaries, six Australian aboriginal artists. Opening tonight. Until August 20 Thursdays & Fridays noon-6:30, Saturday & Sunday noon-4. At 467 NW Davis 7PM-9 Free

Portland painter Arvie Smith who attended PNCA and taught there is known for bright bold portraits influenced by his experiences in New Orleans and Africa. He has a show at the Woolley gallery. There is an artist talk at 1 then a reception at 5.

At the Mark Woolley Gallery a gallery on the 3rd floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. If the mall appears closed, enter the film theater building adjacent, travel through the tunnel to the Place mall, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, sometimes the bridge on the 3rd floor is open too. 700 SW Fifth 1PM, 5-9 Free

Albina is one of Portland's oldest neighborhoods and was an independent city at one time. It's been thoroughly destroyed by highways, railroads and access to the river blocked by large industrial facilities and ruins. There are a few old buildings in the neighborhood for a sense of what was: the old Widmer building, Beam and Anchor, some buildings on Russell, the old Ripe Family Dinner building, and some are artist work spaces. The North Coast Seed Building is one, a complex of artist studios in Albina. Tonight is their annual open studios, most of the artists open their studios tonight. They also have a large solar array on the roof! Strongly recommended. May not be wheel chair accessible. 2127 N. Albina 4PM-10 Free